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The legend goes… the demon lived on the upper side of the Collsacabra sierra and spent his time throwing giant rocks down the mountain. All the neighbours of the valley, tired of his mischievousness, called the Guardian Angel to put and end to it. The angel put the rocks in chains so the demon couldn’t throw them, and since that was his favourite pastime, he went somwhere else.

Whether the legend is true or not, the truth is that Les Roques Encantades (Haunted Rocks) is an excursion that will delight the whole family.

Difficulty   Easy

Duration 5 hours 6 minutes

Trail 11.5km

This trail of 57 kilometres crosses three regions and twelve villages through the valleys of the Fluvià, Brugent and Ter rivers, along a mild slope from Olot (440 m.) to Girona (70 m.), with its highest spot at Coll de Bas, at 558 m. above the sea level. The trail is suitable both on feet or on bicycle, very well preserved and equipped with new bridges, railings and signs.

The Carrilet route crosses many landscapes of a very high importance, both ecologically and culturally. It starts at the Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa, and it follows the old railway trail, arriving to the valley of Ter and the meadows of Salt and Girona.


Difficulty   Easy

Duration 6 hours 9 minutes

Trail 18.6 km

It is worth paying a visit to the imposing medieval fortitude of the Castle of Hostoles (nowadays practically in ruins). There are only a few rooms left preserved, such as La Torre de l’Homenatge and the great water reservoir of the XIII century.

Its is likely to have its pre-feudal origins during the X century, given the importance of defending the territory conquered by the french. It slowly became a mighty fortitude, constructed by farmers under the orders of feudal lords. It also served both as a refuge from bandits and quarry for the farmhouses nearby. During the first remença war in July of 1462, the farmers occupied the castle turning it into their headquarters during the 10 years this war lasted (1462-1472). It was named as the most distinguished fortitude according to Vicenç Vives.


Duration 4 hours 16 minutes

Trail 5.94 km

Activities in la Garrotxa: Carriages. Dive into the magical beech woods of la Garrotxa. Discover the changing colors of its leaves at every season of the year. Feel the craftiness of the elves living in la Fageda d’en Jordà! On the carriages carried by horses, you will travel the interior of this magic forest, while learning its history and its surroundings. It is an hour ride, and, as the poet said.. you will be taken by the sweet oblivion of the world. (t’agafarà un dolç oblit de tot el món, Joan Maragall)


Adult Carriage 9.00€

Minor Carriage 5.00€

Expierence the thrilling adventure of flying on an aerostatic ballon in the Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica, one of the most interesting places of the world with dormant volcanoes.

Flying on a ballon is different way to travel, is floating in the air, calmly in  silence while feeling the most absolute sense of freedom and serenity.

It is ideal for nature lovers and for those who are looking for new sensations, such as contempling our landscape from birdseye…

During clear days, we can observe Montserrat and the mediterranean sea…


Duration 1h – 1′.30h

Price 170.00€

La Ruta del Carrilet is a trail only for pedestrians and ciclists that goes over the old railway trail that linked Olot to Girona.

If you decide to get on your bikes and hit the road, you will discover many elements of great ecologic and cultural interest. In fact, the volcanic landscape of this trailwalk, accompanies us from Olot to Girona, crossing many charming villages along the way, arriving to the sea.

Trail available to do with kids

Sites of interest