Can Sidro

Can Sidro was the first apartament opened in Aiguabella (2007), and was once the residence of Isidre, the former housekeeper who lived previously. It is one of the most requested apartments due to its optimum climatic conditions, both in summer and winter.

Ca la Sisqueta

The apartment of Ca la Sisqueta, named after Francisca Aiguabella i Sala, owner of the house while most of XX century, is located on the highest part of the house, with views over St. Feliu and the house properties.

La Façana

As its name suggests, this apartment occupies the three levels of Aiguabella’s magnificent stone facade, of great architectonic quality. It has great views over St. Feliu and La Salut sanctuary.

Ca l’Avi Joan

The apartment of Ca l’Avi Joan was named after Joan Fluvià i Aiguabella, the impulsor of the house modernization, who would have loved to finally see it finished. The apartment is located on the groundfloor, with a south-east orientation and direct access to a gardened private terrace.

Ca la Maria

Ca La Maria accommodation occupies more than 300 m2, the largest in Aiguabella. It occupies the northern part of the house, on the ground floor and first level.

Cal Pi

Cal Pi, named after Miquel Fluvià i Vallmajor, husband to Francisca Aiguabella and father of Joan Fluvià, is one of the most requested apartments, as well as Can Sidro.